This is RIDICULOUS. The people at the beginning who said you burn the fat
up as energy were correct. That is a fine layman’s description of what
happens when your body breaks down its fat stores for energy. At a super
simplified level, it chemically breaks apart pieces of the fat molecules
and the energy release is used to convert ADP=>ATP and to power your cells.
There is also a delicate dance of hormones and biochemical processes (e.g.,
insulin sensitivity) regulating weight and energy, all of which is
massively more enlightening as to weight loss than just looking at the
waste products of the reaction, weighing them, and claiming you understand
and no one else does–which is what this guy does.

Maybe some of those people in the video actually believe the molecules are
reduced to nothing, however most people understand there are always waste
products even when burning an object like a piece of wood. So yes of
course your body releases waste products in the form of CO2, H2O, and so
on, but that’s not how most people would be taking the question, and it’s
not “more” correct than describing the breakdown of fat molecules for
energy. People are familiar with the fact that their body releases waste
products, c’mon.

Also I’m pretty sure the planet doesn’t care where the greenhouse gases you
release into the atmosphere come from, whether it’s “old” fossil fuels or
“new” plants, e.g., there is serious concern that herds of animals like
cattle have contributed to climate change even though they are eating
plants (the big concern is around methane and not CO2, but still). The real
answer is that you are releasing CO2 constantly from your metabolic
processes but it’s so small it’s unlikely to have much effect (and we’re
unlikely to stop people from breathing–i.e., kill them–to avert climate
change). However, the giant pile of fossil fuel you burn everyday to run
your car actually releases a lot of greenhouse gases and is something you
could stop doing without killing anyone.

I’m actually super concerned for our world when the things science
“educators” say start being dumber and less helpful than the answers you
get on the street…